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Our platform is cost-effective with integrated artificial intelligence (AI) systems to optimize engagement, positive health outcomes, and medical claims savings. By increasing access to care, NextStep.Health reduces costs and the impact of mental health and substance use disorders.
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Mental Health Epidemic

57% of the top 10% highest cost patients had a mental health or substance abuse diagnosis.



Member Savings

Patients with health coaches saved $412 per month compared to patients without a health coach.



Improve Member Productivity

65% of individuals who worked with a coach said it helped them improve their performance at work.



Improve Member Confidence

80% of individuals who worked with a coach said it improved their confidence.


Transform the care provided to your members.

NextStep.Health uses predictive analytics to drive member engagement and positive outcomes. By improving the access and quality of care, NextStep.Health makes it easier for your members to manage their health.
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