Our Approach

Utilizing evidence-based strategies for behavioral health, alongside a predictive analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) technology platform, we enable our team of health coaches and specialists to provide wrap-around care to our clients and health plan members.


We leverage deep analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) systems to identify and engage members with behavioral health gaps.


We engage with our members by understanding their needs and what their health barriers are. We use evidence-based approaches to coaching to identify member-specific goals, desires, and capabilities.


The NextStep.Health platform empowers members to take their health into their own hands alongside a team of professional care coaches. Our clients and health plan members achieve meaningful behavior change and improved health outcomes with evidence-based strategies and increased access to resources, which also leads to reduced downstream costs related to unaddressed behavioral health conditions.


Our coaches will set up a personalized plan for each member. We help our members build a personalized Care Team to help them overcome obstacles, guiding them toward changes that are better for their health. A NextStep.Health Care Team enables members to not just have one coach to rely on, but rather a team of professionals behind them at all times.

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